Welcome to the ceebook pin page where you will be getting pin for the on going waec 2024 examination.

Ceebook is a popular exam runz website in Nigeria delivering questions and answers for candidates writing WAEC, NECO AND GCE Exam.

In this page, we will guide you on how to obtain the ceebook pin for free. So let’s dive in!

How to get ceebook PIN?

To get ceebook pin for the 2024 waec examination, check out the procedures below:


  • Payment name/Your name.
  • MTN Card Pins (If you don’t see N1000 card or N500, u can combine 200, 400, etc to sum to ur plan amount.)
  • Subjects name
  • Amount Paid.
  • Phone number to 08023429251 via WhatsApp


  • Name: Abdul John Adewale
  • Subject Name: Biology
  • Exam type: WAEC
  • Mtn Cards: 123455666777777, 14455555555554, 4444444444444
  • Amount: N500
  • Phone number: 08023429251

Then send via WhatsApp to us on 08023429251

To get price for each subject, click here

Available subjects for ceebook pin

  • Ceebook Pin English language
  • Ceebook Pin Mathematics
  • Ceebook Pin Civic education
  • Ceebook Pin Biology
  • Ceebook Pin Chemistry
  • Ceebook Pin Physics
  • Ceebook Pin Animal husbandry
  • Ceebook Pin Agricultural science
  • Ceebook Pin Fisheries
  • Ceebook Pin Computer studies
  • Ceebook Pin Data processing
  • Ceebook Pin Literature in English
  • Ceebook PinGovernment
  • Ceebook PinEconomics
  • Ceebook Pin Financial accounting
  • Ceebook Pin Commerce
  • Ceebook Pin Marketing
  • Ceebook Pin Catering craft practice
  • Ceebook Pin Tourism