WAEC English Language 2024 Questions And Answers Expo

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) Has Scheduled The WAEC English Language 2024 Questions And Answers Paper To Take Place on 15th May, 2024.

WAEC English Language 2024 Questions And Answers Expo

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WAEC English Language 2024 Questions And Answers

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WAEC English Language 2024 Paper is Categorized in to 3 parts:

  • WAEC English Language Essay 2024
  • WAEC English Language Objective 2024
  • WAEC English Language Test of Oral 2024

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WAEC English Language Expo 2024

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WAEC English Language 2024 Questions And Answers Expo

WAEC English Language 2024 Questions And Answers Expo

WAEC English Language 2024 Questions And Answers Expo

WAEC English Language 2024 Questions And Answers Expo

WAEC English Language 2024 Questions And Answers Expo

WAEC English Language 2024 Questions And Answers Expo


Understanding the Root Causes of Demonstrations in Nigeria:

In recent months, Nigeria has witnessed a surge in public demonstrations across the country, reflecting a growing discontent among its citizens. These demonstrations have highlighted various socio-economic and political issues that have long plagued the nation. As the voice of the people becomes louder and stronger, it is crucial for the government to understand the root causes of these demonstrations and formulate effective strategies to address them in order to restore peace and stability in the country.

One significant cause of these demonstrations is the pervasive issue of police brutality and lack of accountability. The EndSARS protests in October 2020 brought this long-standing problem to the forefront, with widespread reports of abuse, extortion, and extrajudicial killings by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). Despite promises of reform and disbandment of SARS, the underlying issues of police misconduct and impunity persist, fueling continued public outrage.

Another key factor driving demonstrations in Nigeria is the high level of unemployment, especially among the youth population. With a large percentage of young people entering the workforce each year, the lack of job opportunities and economic prospects has created a sense of frustration and hopelessness. This has contributed to a growing sense of disillusionment with the government’s ability to provide meaningful employment opportunities and support for economic empowerment.

Furthermore, systemic corruption and poor governance have eroded public trust in the institutions meant to serve the people. The perception of widespread corruption, nepotism, and inefficiency in government operations has fueled public anger and discontent. The lack of transparency and accountability in governance processes has further deepened the divide between the government and the citizens, leading to increased calls for systemic reforms.

To effectively address these pressing issues and respond to the demands of the Nigerian people, the government should prioritize comprehensive police reform efforts to address issues of misconduct, brutality, and lack of accountability within the security forces. This includes implementing robust oversight mechanisms, training programs, and disciplinary measures to ensure that law enforcement agencies uphold the rule of law and respect human rights.

To tackle the issue of unemployment, the government should invest in initiatives that promote job creation, skills development, and entrepreneurship opportunities for the youth. By focusing on sectors with high growth potential and implementing targeted youth empowerment programs, the government can provide viable pathways to economic prosperity and reduce the risk of social unrest.

Addressing the root causes of corruption and improving governance practices are essential for rebuilding public trust and promoting transparency in government operations. The government should strengthen anti-corruption agencies, enhance accountability mechanisms, and foster a culture of integrity and ethical leadership within public institutions to combat corruption effectively.

In conclusion, the recent demonstrations in Nigeria underscore the urgent need for meaningful reforms and proactive government action to address the underlying issues driving public discontent. By prioritizing police reform, job creation, and anti-corruption measures, the government can demonstrate its commitment to addressing the concerns of the people and building a more equitable and prosperous society for all Nigerians. It is imperative that stakeholders across all sectors work together collaboratively to implement these strategies and pave the way for a brighter future for the nation.


Against the motion:

Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed judges and audience members, I stand before you today to argue against the motion that living in one’s country is more advantageous than living abroad. While there are certainly benefits to residing in one’s home country, I believe that living abroad offers unique advantages and opportunities that cannot be overlooked.

First and foremost, living abroad provides individuals with the opportunity to broaden their horizons and gain a deeper understanding of different cultures, customs, and ways of life. By immersing oneself in a new environment, individuals are able to develop a more global perspective and enhance their cultural competence. This exposure to diversity fosters empathy, tolerance, and a greater appreciation for the complexities of the world we live in.

Moreover, living abroad can also lead to personal growth and development. When individuals step out of their comfort zones and navigate life in a foreign country, they are forced to adapt to new challenges and learn to overcome adversity. This process of adaptation builds resilience, independence, and problem-solving skills that can be immensely valuable in both personal and professional contexts.

Additionally, living abroad often presents individuals with unique educational and career opportunities that may not be readily available in their home country. Whether it be the chance to study at a prestigious university, work for a multinational corporation, or engage in cross-cultural collaborations, living abroad can open doors to new experiences and advancement in various fields.

In conclusion, while there are undeniable advantages to living in one’s country, the benefits of living abroad are equally significant and should not be dismissed. The exposure to diverse cultures, personal growth opportunities, and professional advantages that come with living in a foreign country can be truly transformative and enriching. Therefore, I urge you to consider the myriad benefits of living abroad and reject the notion that living in one’s country is inherently more advantageous. Thank you.

It was supposed to be a quiet night for Emily, a rare moment of respite in her otherwise hectic life. After a long week of work deadlines, family obligations, and the constant demands of modern living, she was looking forward to a peaceful evening at home.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, Emily poured herself a glass of wine and settled onto the plush sofa, intent on enjoying a good book and some much-needed solitude. The soft glow of the lamp cast a warm, cozy ambiance over the living room, and Emily felt herself start to relax.

However, just as she was about to lose herself in the pages of her novel, a sudden loud noise from the kitchen startled her. She paused, straining her ears to listen, but the house was silent once more. Shrugging it off as her imagination, Emily returned to her book, sinking back into the cushions.

But then, a few minutes later, there it was again – a distinct crash, followed by the sound of something scurrying across the linoleum floor. Emily’s heart raced as she slowly set down her wine glass and cautiously made her way towards the kitchen, her hands shaking slightly.

Peering around the corner, Emily’s eyes widened in shock at the sight that greeted her. The cabinet doors were flung open, and various jars and cans were scattered across the countertops. And in the center of the chaos, a small, furry creature darted back and forth, seemingly oblivious to her presence.

Emily’s initial surprise quickly gave way to a surge of panic. Realizing she was dealing with an intruder, she frantically searched for something – anything – to use as a weapon. Her eyes landed on a heavy cast-iron skillet, and without a moment’s hesitation, she grabbed it and brandished it in front of her.

Carefully, she approached the kitchen, her muscles tensed and ready to strike. But just as she was about to bring the skillet down on the unsuspecting creature, it suddenly stopped and turned towards her, its beady eyes locking onto hers.

Emily froze, her heart pounding in her chest. The two stared at each other for what felt like an eternity, neither one daring to make a move. Then, in a blur of motion, the creature darted past her and disappeared down the hallway, leaving Emily standing there, skillet in hand, her mind racing.

As she surveyed the aftermath of the intruder’s rampage, Emily realized that her peaceful evening had been shattered. I was mistaken to have thought the night would be like other peaceful nights, she thought to herself, a sense of unease settling over her.

With a heavy sigh, she set down the skillet and began the process of cleaning up the mess, her earlier sense of tranquility now replaced by a lingering feeling of uncertainty. Whatever had happened tonight, she knew it was a night she would never forget.


-Girls often outnumber boys in classrooms.

-The female students tend to perform better academically than their male counterparts

-The male students exhibit higher rates of truancy, leading to a decline in their academic performance.

-Most apex positions in the industries and other parastatals are occupied by women.

-It makes women feel more proud than is expected.

-It results to contentions and misunderstandings between educationally mediocre husbands and well educated wives.